How to merge an account in Leaky Paywall

On occasion, you may have a subscriber who wants to switch their paid plan over to their free account. Here are the steps to make that happen.

1) Find the current paid email in Leaky Paywall -> Subscribers

2) Make note of the expiration date and copy the subscriber ID.

3) Select "Edit LP Sub" and change the payment status to "Deactivated"

4) Remove the Subscriber ID so that the field is empty

5) Select "Update Subscriber"

6) Next, find the email address that you want the paid account to be switched over to

7) Change the subscriber ID and expiration date to what we made note of in step 2

8) Under Subscription Level, choose the paid level plan

9) Under Payment Status, choose "Active"

10) Under Payment Gateway, choose "Stripe"

11) Under Plan, type "Recurring"

12) Select "Update Subscriber"

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