How to send newsletters from WordPress dashboard

Select "Newsletters" from the WordPress dashboard

Select "select template"Choose the template for your publication

You'll find a text and Post embed block pre-added in the template. You can add additional blocks by selecting the blue plus button at the top left. The top header "The Latest Stories For You From The Malheur Enterprise" is not shown to your subscribers.

With Post Embeds, you can search for the post you'd like to include in your newsletter and it will be placed with the featured image and excerpt.

Add as many blocks as you like. Select the blue plus button at the top left, and scroll to the bottom of the sidebar until you see "Newsletter Glue". These blocks are great for newslettesr, however, you're not limited to them.

To change the order of your blocks, select the stack icon and drag and drop the order.

To change the Post embed order, hover over the Post embed block, and use the up/down arrows to adjust the position.

When you're ready to send, scroll to the bottom where you'll find a myriad of settings. You'll see settings for Subject, Preview text, Audience from MailChimp, Segment/tagged audience from MailChimp, From name, From email, and Send test email. Once you have everything set, make sure to test things first with "Send test email" to an email of your choice.

If everything checks out, select "Send as newsletter" and publish post at the top right using the blue Publish button. This will send the newsletter.

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